YouTube Channel Statistics

YouTube provides a range of statistics for each channel on the platform, including:

  1. Subscriber count: This shows the total number of subscribers to the channel.

  2. View count: This shows the total number of views that the channel's videos have received.

  3. Average view duration: This shows the average amount of time that viewers spend watching the channel's videos.

  4. Audience retention: This shows how well the channel's videos hold the viewer's attention over time, with a higher percentage indicating that the viewer watched more of the video.

  5. Traffic source: This shows where the traffic to the channel is coming from, such as from YouTube search, external websites, or other sources.

  6. Demographics: This shows the age and gender of the viewers who watched the channel's videos.

You can view these statistics for a specific channel by going to the channel's page on YouTube and clicking on the "View full statistics" button under the channel's name. Some of these statistics are also available through the YouTube Analytics API, which allows developers to retrieve the statistics programmatically.

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